LinkedIn is no longer just a CV or resume site where you just list your career history; it has evolved and your presence on LinkedIn needs to evolve too or you will be left behind.


LinkedIn is now a fully functioning networking and business website with 412,000,000 decision makers who are interacting on a daily basis.


Whether you’re looking to develop your career, looking for your next opportunity, or wanting to find new clients or sales then LinkedIn can do that for you if your profile is optimised. Your stakeholders will be viewing your profile and if your profile is less than optimised effectively what does say to your stakeholders? It is time to optimise your LinkedIn profile to make it a Power Profile and we have the tools and resources to enable you to do that.

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Follow the 3-step process provided in the Power Profile Kit to optimise your LinkedIn profile. Each step includes guides, tools, and resources included to enable your Power Profile.

What’s included:

Step 1 – How to prep for your Power Profile

We take you through what prep your need to do to prepare for optimising your Power Profile. We explain what’s needed and why. We take you through the philosophy on how LinkedIn has evolved and how LinkedIn Daddy has been developed to meet this evolution.

Targeting your stakeholders

Who are your Stakeholders? Are they in large corporations, government organisations, small and medium sized businesses, or charities? Are they top senior executives, directors, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers or investors? We guide you to target your stakeholders so you can then profile them. This is part of the prep that is needed to optimise your Power Profile.

Profiling your stakeholders

We guide you to really understand your target stakeholders and this is profiling. Whether you’re looking for new clients, new sales, new job opportunities, press connections, investors, or new customers you need to understand who they are, which sectors they are located in, and what you can bring to benefit them. Understanding your stakeholders enables the optimisation of your profile.

Setting up your profile settings for success

Setting up your profile settings could be quite a dry section but it is essential to ensuring your Power Profile is visible to your key stakeholders so we show how to amend your settings for success. Optimising your Power Profile will result in your stakeholders contacting you and you do not want to be bombarded with lots of notifications so we show you how to keep LinkedIn emails to a minimum.


Step 2 – Develop and optimise your Power Profile

We are the experts in optimising LinkedIn profiles and we pass on that knowledge to you which enables you to write a Power Profile with the imagery to make your profile magnetic to your target stakeholders. We guide you through every aspect of optimising your LinkedIn Power Profile.

Optimising Profile Imagery

Your profile imagery on LinkedIn is key to having a magnetic Power Profile because it is the first thing that your stakeholders will see when they view your profile. We show you what works best for your profile image, your background image, your brand images, your product images, and your team images (if applicable). All imagery needs to professional and matched to your target stakeholders.

Power Profile Headline Generator

Creating a great headline is so very important so we make sure you get this right. We’ll take you through how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile Headline so it grabs attention and is targeted to your stakeholders. When your headline is right your target stakeholders are more likely to connect with you and then buy from you; whether you’re selling yourself or your business.

Writing your Profile Summary and History guide

LinkedIn Daddy takes your through how to write your profile summary and career history so it is optimised to the target stakeholders that you will have profiled in step 1 of this process. We do this so that when your target stakeholders view your profile they want to read more because the content is engaging and interesting to them so that they perceive you in the way you want to be perceived.

How to add Call to Actions

This is where your Power Profile starts to work for you. A Call To Action (CTA) is an instruction to your target stakeholders designed to provoke an immediate response, such as “connect with me now”, “find out more” or “visit my store today”. We show you how to add CTA’s to your Power Profile so your target stakeholders will be contacting you and doing what you want them to do.


Step 3 – Making your Power Profile work for you 24/7/365

LinkedIn is a hive or activity with 412 million members interacting and collaborating and with your Power Profile optimised you can confidently be part of that. The global business community means your stakeholders are worldwide and your Power Profile will be working for you while you sleep.

Finding your stakeholders in LinkedIn

With 412,000,000 members it could be tricky to find your target stakeholders but we show you how to use the powerful search functionality to find your stakeholders wherever they are located. Whether you’re looking for employers, employees, educators, customers, investors, press or media contacts or providers of services we will show you how to find them easily and effectively.

Connecting with your stakeholders

And once you’ve found your target stakeholders in LinkedIn we will pass on our expert knowledge on how to connect with them. The LinkedIn Daddy connection formulas generate response rates of 20 to 30% which is unheard of in any other form of marketing. This is because our connection formulas are tried, tested, and refined to ensure success. We’ll show you how it works.

Nurturing and building trust with your stakeholders

Optimising your Power Profile with LinkedIn Daddy is built on developing trust with your target customers. We guide you to become the voice of authority in your target sectors and we then enable you to reach hundreds of thousands of your target stakeholders with very little effort with content that sells you or your business and with automated software that saves times and effort.

Automated Software

The LinkedIn Daddy Power Profile Kit uses automated software that enables you to connect with a 1,000 of your target stakeholders every day and makes the tasks of nurturing and building trust with your stakeholders easy and effective. We’ll show you how to then get your target stakeholders contacting you.

Your LinkedIn Profile could be restricting your ability to connect with your stakeholders or it could be working hard for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Use the Power Profile Kit to optimise your profile and get it working for you with very little effort. Get it now for a special price of just £195.