Everybody lives by selling something!

This statement was coined back in the late 1800’s by Robert Louis Stevenson. It shows how everyone needs to consider selling as part of their professional life. It doesn’t matter what your work is, teacher, accountant, lawyers, engineers, everyone. We all live by selling something.

In our lives we are all exchanging things of value. Whether what we exchange is of value to others should be determined through effective communication, open dialogue, and most of all trust. We all need to sell our work, exchange it for something. You need clients that need your services, or product. You might have an idea or project and need to convince your colleagues to buy into it. You might be looking for a job and therefore selling yourself to companies.

No matter what your position, your role, your industry or work situation, you need to know how to sell successfully and with integrity.

Our sister company (Process Driven Sales Ltd) has produced the perfect sales training program called Process Driven Sales System (PDS System). It utilizes the processes built into LinkedIn to start conversations in the network and the selling skills in our best-selling book and training manual called Prosell to secure the sale outside the network. It’s the perfect approach to selling in the communication age where the buyer often knows more than the seller and has total control of the buying process. In addition, the PDS System will introduce you to automation and other cool tools that will make it possible for you to get an endless supply of new sales and clients on LinkedIn by spending just 20 minutes a day networking.

The PDS System is the only complete 360-degree system for acquiring clients from LinkedIn that is proven to work and it’s unique to us. Thus, you cannot get it anywhere else.

LinkedIn Sales Training: Service Description

Process Steps: The Process Driven Sales Training course provides you with the knowledge, expertise, and defined process steps to reach hundreds of thousands of your target customers with time saving automated software, building trust to provide an endless supply of new clients and new sales.

LinkedIn Search: Using defined process steps and the powerful LinkedIn search you can be laser focused in your search to define and find your target customers by job role, company, company size, location, city, and sector. There are 412,000,000 decision makers on LinkedIn and you can define and find your target customers with the LinkedIn members.

Automated Software: We guide you how to then use our automated software to reach and connect with a 1,000 of your target customers each day and using the built-in processes they will view your optimised LinkedIn Profile which will include powerful Call to Actions to encourage your target customers to contact you. You will have your target customer’s contacting you because your profile will be optimised to them.

Connecting with Your Target Customers: The Process Driven Sales Training Course also provides you with the process steps and downloadable tools to connect with your target customers in the most time efficient and effective ways. You will see connection request percentage of 30 to 40% which is unheard of in any other form of marketing or sales.

Building Trust: Once you are connected with your target customers you can start to build trust by starting relevant conversations with them via the built-in connection and messaging tools. We will show you how to use your expertise and knowledge to build trust with your target customers.

Content Marketing: There are sector specific groups within LinkedIn where your target customers are located. These groups contain between 200.000 to 600,000 of your customers and we will show you how to use sector specific content to get in front of your target customers in these groups. By doing so you will be perceived as the sector expert by your target customers and this builds trusts which then enables easy conversion to sales.

Endorsing and Recommending: You will learn how to use our automated software and processes within LinkedIn to nurture and build trust with your target customers. The endorsing feature within LinkedIn allows you to praise your target customers for the skills that have chosen on their profiles and this builds trust, and with the automated software you can endorse 1,000’s of target customer every day which is very powerful.

Delivered RESULTS: The Process Driven Sales Training Course will guide you to optimise your LinkedIn Profile so you can use the powerful networking features within LinkedIn to maximum effect. The course also provides defined process steps and the automated software and content marketing strategy will allow you reach hundreds of thousands of your target customers in time efficient and effective ways. And as your follow the process steps you will build trust with your target customers so then they will buy from you because people buy from people they know and trust.

Twenty Minutes a Day; Once you’ve created your LinkedIn Profile you can use the personal LinkedIn Roadmap which will detail the tasks you need to perform daily to get an endless supply of the right connections on LinkedIn. You will learn how you can utilize LinkedIn for networking, job search and business opportunity discovery. To You can do all this with only 20 minutes of activity a day at a cost of just £495. If you want to see what the ROI of £495 would be just download our ‘Turning Activity into Sales Calculator’ now and enter your own figures.